Homemade, Raw, Organic, Cacao and Coconut Oil Chocolate

There are many benefits to making your own chocolate including knowing exactly what is in it and just as importantly what isn't in it IE: PALM OIL/refined sugars/etc

My recipe for chocolate is made with Raw Cacao Powder. This is cold pressed without solvents (unlike Cocoa Powder) and as such has a much higher nutrtional content. It generally has over 360% more antioxidants than regular Cocoa. Thats 14 X's more potent anti-oxidants than red wine, 21 X's more than Green Tea and 7 X's more than dark chocolate.

Here is my very easy recipe for my homemade Raw, Organic Coconut, Fruit and Nut Chocolate .......

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Coconut Oil And It's Many Health Benefits

Coconut oil is at least 90% Saturated Fat and is great for your health! WHAT ? I hear you say.  How can it possibly be good for you! Surely it must cause weight gain/obesity, cause cholesterol issues and increase heart disease. If I use it on my skin won't it feel greasy and won't I get facial breakouts?

Well the truth is quite the opposite and here I will help to shed some light!

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