Monique Finlay - blossoms creator 

Monique Finlay - blossoms creator 

Hi, I'm Monique, the founding creator of blossom eco skin care, and now blossom organic Hair Beauty Wellbeing. I'm a self professed "eco mumma", vigilant label reader, organic eater and animal lover. I  have spent 30 years in the beauty and science industries as a Professional Hairdresser, Professional Make-up Artist, Beautician, Wig Dresser and as a Veterinary Technician. The majority of that time  was spent specializing in Musical Theater and Opera and I was Head of Make-Up and Wigs for Disney's "The Lion King" Theater Production.

After spending an amazing 9 1/2 years creating a cleaner and greener skin care option with my brand blossom eco skin care I decided that it was also time to offer the same  cleaner option in a Salon. So in July 2017 I opened the first organic Salon on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.  blossom organic Hair Beauty Wellbeing offers a tranquil and relaxing experience while delivering exceptional Hair and Beauty treatments. From the moment that you step through the door you can tell that we do things a little differently. A babbling water feature and tranquility music greets you as you step inside our little shop of smiles. No nasty ammonia smells but instead the aroma of delicate essential oils and fresh organic barista coffee and herbal tea. While you wait, enjoy our vibrating massage chairs and our mini library of eclectic books and conscious lifestyle mags. Experience blossom and you are sure to enjoy all the little things that make us, oh so divinely different! 

blossom eco skin care is my boutique range of organic skin care that is free of all toxic nasties, synthetics, GMO's and water. blossom is Certified Cruelty Free and my products are divine blends of Certified Organic botanical nutrients that mother nature provides for us, lovingly micro-batched by hand, using solar power and packaged in the purity of glass.  

One of my star performers in  "The Lion King", Disney's hit musical, started to use "Baby Wet Wipes" to remove his show make-up and quickly I saw first hand what chemicals in personal care products can do. Remember that this was a "Leading Brand" product that was sold as suitable for your precious newborn baby's bum and yet they basically burnt a grown mans face!?!  WTF!!................

This was my AHA! moment and the turning point in my life. It suddenly became apparent that I just had to read labels, get educated and basically "clean up and green" my life and the first place to start was my bathroom vanity. My husband and I wanted to start a family so we had switched over to eating organic food, using natural household cleaners and soon after I started formulating organic products. We planned to soon have a baby on the way and none of the baby skin care products on the market passed my scrutinizing. There was no way that I was going to use those chemical loaded toxic products on my new bub!

So here is where the exciting blossom journey began, in a effort to be the best mum that I could be and protect my precious one from toxins. Calling upon my extensive knowledge of science, chemistry, biology, physiology, skin, hair, natural and organic beauty, essential oils and botanicals together with hygiene and aseptic technique I started to formulate blossom eco skin care.

Why compromise your family's health with toxic skin care products when you can "blossom"!


Blessings, Monique

I’d rather go naked than use toxic skin care
— Monique Finlay blossom's creator