Do you ship to China?

We choose not to ship to China as we do not support China's policy of testing cosmetic products on animals. Here at blossom we have a strict cruelty free policy and even though we are regularly approached by distributors that want to put blossom into the Chinese market we stand firm. No compromise!

Do you send free samples?

As you can imagine we get inundated with emails from gorgeous people wanting to try our products. For this reason we have minatures of most of our products available here and we have also put together some fantastic "Sampler Packs" which are available here: 

Adult Facial Sampler (Under 30yrs, Pregnancy safe and suitable for men)  

Rose & Antioxidant Sampler (Age minimising, over 30yrs  or dry and sensitive skins)

Baby Sampler

How do I view my shopping cart and/or checkout and find out postage costs?

You simply go to the top right hand corner of the website and click on the "Cart" button. This will bring up a new page that shows all the items you have added to your cart. Here you can modify the contents and proceed to checkout. It is during checkout, after you have entered your shipping address, that shipping charges will be calculated, displayed and added to your total. Shipping is displayed before you give any payment details. It is also during this checkout process that you are able to enter any discount coupon codes.

Do you ship internationally?  

Yes we ship via Australia Post - Registered to the following Countries :  Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA. Shipping will be calculated once your delivery address is entered during the checkout process and before payment is made. 

We know that you are excited to start "blossoming" and your parcel will be posted within 1-2 working days of receiving payment. Please allow approximately 10-12 working days for international delivery.

Shipping within Australia is at a Flat Rate of $10.95.

Shipping outside of Australia varies depending on the destination and will be calculated during the checkout process before payment is taken.

Are your products Organic?

Yes, most definitely! All our products are manufactured to the Australian Certified Organic Standard, from ingredients that are Certified Organic by ACO- Australian Certified Organic and all bar one have over 95% certified organic content (Facial Exfoliant 93%). They therefore do not contain any pesticide residue, GMO, petroleum or petroleum derivatives, synthetics or chemicals. 

Do your products contain a preservative?

Yes, our lotions, creams and mists contain completely natural, botanical preservatives that are approved by Australian Certified Organic which allows them shelf life without the need for refrigeration. Our preservatives are a proprietary blend of Vanilla and Almond extracts and Potassium Sorbate (Food Grade Natural Preservative) and are GMO free. All of our balm, oil, creme and lotion products also contain Natural Vitamin E which maintains integrity and acts to protect the product as well as your skin from oxidative damage.

I have sensitive skin, are your products suitable for me?

Absolutely! As our products are free of parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrance/colour, chemicals and all the other known skin sensitisers they are perfect for those that are usually sensitive. For particularly sensitive skins we recommend Rose Facial Mist for your toner and Rose Face Creme and Facial oil for your moisturising products. I'm sure that you will find that your skin just hasn't liked all the nasties you have been exposing it to in the past by using conventional products.

Why don't your products contain water?

If water was such a great moisturiser then all we would need to do is get wet in the shower right? Wrong! Why then are many skin care products up to 90% water and why are you paying so much for that water when you get it for free from your tap? Here at blossom we choose to use Certified Organic Hydrosols as they provide moisture as well as soluble therapeutic properties from the particular plant that the hydrosol is made from. You get back what you put in and we only put the very best into our products and lashings of them too. There is no scrimping here at blossom and you will feel and see the difference.

Who formulates and manufactures your products?

Monique Finlay, blossom's founding creator, formulates and personally manufactures all blossom products. Monique's 28 year career so far has been spent in the beauty and science industries. Monique is a Professional Make-up Artist, Professional Hairdresser, Wig Dresser and also a qualified Veterinary Technician.  Calling on her sound knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Skin, Hair, Beauty, Aseptic technique and with further study and research into chemistry in cosmetics, organics, essential oils, herbs and natural beauty she has formulated an array of fabulous products. All products are manufactured in Monique's purpose built studio on her rural property retreat in Wootton NSW Australia using Solar Power.

Why do you package in glass?

Yes it is heavier to ship but we choose to package in the purity of Amber Glass for several reasons. Amber Glass reduces the amount of light that penetrates therefore helping to protect the product inside. Unlike plastic, glass does not leech and contaminate the product. Most plastics have a petroleum content which when in contact with oils will tend to leech out. We encourage you to thoroughly wash and dry your bottles and jars and re-use or re-purpose them.

I have noticed a slight difference in my product.

As with all things in nature, no two are identical. The same is true with our products. You may, from time to time, notice a slight difference in a product and this is to be expected. We do not change our formulations but it is a change in the raw materials that can vary a product. Season and climatic changes can slightly vary, for example, the aroma of essential oil from one seasons harvest to another. While we strive to manufacture consistent  products it is normal to have slight variants and this is part of the beauty of such natural products. As we all know, mother nature is always changing, that is the one constant!

To read more about Monique click here.