The  blossom signifies the start of spring, a time of new life, growth, delicate beauty and the beginning of all nature's bounty. The birth of our son Jhet and his subsequent 'blossoming' was the inspiration behind our exciting organic skin care range. Years later this then led to the birth of our organic Salon, blossom organic Hair Beauty Wellbeing in Forster on the beautiful Mid North Coast, NSW.

The beautiful bs behind blossom

baby - It all started with the conception of a baby, my baby, and my desire to keep him and myself toxin free.

bulging belly & bust - The vigorous growth of my bub and my ever increasing belly and bust bulge needed some organic lovin and so my formulating began first with Mum’s Belly Balm.

birth & beyond - Bub needed on-going skin loving, organic products so that his skin could be nurtured as mother nature intended, the organic and botanical way. Here was the birth of not just my baby but the birth of blossom eco skin care.

bounty of organic goodness - The most pure, certified organic, ethical and sustainable botanical ingredients are carefully selected and then hand micro-batched using solar power to ensure premium quality and freshness. No Chemicals - No Compromise!

beautiful intent - Driven by a desire for honest, pure products, blossom was created. A product grown with love and integrity, not driven by corporate greed and "bottom lines". 

beautiful products - Products that deliver on their promise - 100% pure, unadulterated goodness from mother nature with a generous dash of love to boot. Feel the difference!

NO bullshit,  NO celebrity model advertising, NO flashy packaging, simply pure products made with lashings of honesty, integrity and love. 

because I know my family deserves to blossom organically!    Doesn't yours too?

Meet Monique, blossoms creator here.....

The birth of blossom

After two years gestation, intense research, development, trials and fine tuning of formulations, blossom was proudly born in Sydney on November 17th 2007.

Weighing in as 7 organic Baby Skin Care products, blossom quickly gathered a loyal following and has sustainably grown to become a range of what is now nearly 30 much loved products for the entire family.

We are very happy to announce that all products stand true to our original core principles: Premium quality, affordable, pure organic, eco, sustainable, water and cruelty free, owned and made in Australia with love, in micro batches for premium freshness. 

Ten years later on the 17th July 2017, we proudly welcomed another member to the family.  blossom organic Hair Beauty Wellbeing was born on 17th July 2017, this time an organic Hair Beauty Wellbeing Salon.