Since when did looking after yourself become being selfish?

Self care is a necessity and not an indulgence!

Everyone needs to know that in order to be the very best you can be for your family and loved ones, you yourself need to be the very best that you can be. That means that you need to nurture yourself, inside and out, so that you can be physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and give your family and loved ones the best version of yourself.

If that means having a relaxing massage once a week, a “pamper yourself” night at home doing a pedicure and Face Mask or maybe a trip to the Hairdresser, Tarot reader or Kinesiologist then so be it. Maybe a yoga class, a swim, a bike ride, quiet time in meditation or reading a book. Maybe an hour or so bare foot walking on the beach, lying in the forest and listening to the birds, a weekly choir sing-a-long, whatever floats your boat baby! Everyone needs their own customized self care regime.

For me it is a little yoga, quiet meditation, sitting in the sun listening to the birds while having lunch, a monthly pedicure, (of course I do my own with a 4 FREE polish), a monthly Henna for my hair, a weekly Facial Treatment (DIY blossom Face Mask  followed by a facial massage with blossom Facial Oil ), in winter a weekly soak in the bath like a goddess with a blossom Spa In A Bag and a glass of bubbles and the list goes on………

Anyway, my point is that you will know what your “not negotiables” are for personal self care but you also need to find a few extras that you can take up that are not just for essential maintenance, but for mental and spiritual nurturing. It's those small things that make one hell of a big difference!

I’m talking about something that you may currently feel is a naughty indulgence. No, I don’t mean a new Versace Dinner set! I’m talking about things that help you to relax, unwind, de-stress, feel pampered, loved and happy. They can be free, DIY, it’s not about financially splurging but about a little time splurging, that is splurging time on yourself honey, because YOU are worth it!

Blessings,     Monique