Safer Haircolour Pt 3

Well, by now you know that one of the safest ways of colouring your hair is with Henna. But alas, maybe the gold, copper and red tones are not quite what you were after. Or maybe you were wanting to lighten your existing haircolour, which is not possible with Henna. "What other options are left?", I hear you ask!

Well, when Henna just won't do the trick there are only a couple of other options left. There are some safer alternatives to Salon colour that can be found in some good health food stores. This does involve DIY which may not suit everyone and these colours will only add pigment to your existing colour and not lighten it.

If you are not into DIY then it's off to a salon you go. It would be worthwhile seaching on the internet and trying to find a specialist salon that offers more natural colour options. There are colours that are ammonia and peroxide free but still have the chemicle dye compounds. These colours will only add colour, ie: depth and tone, to your existing colour and not lighten your hair. They also tend to blend rather than cover grey hair  but are great for a glossy, subtle colour effect.

If more complete coverage of grey hair or lightening of your current colour (this involves colour removal) is needed then permanent conventional salon colour or powder lightener is required. When this is the case, consider having 'foils' rather than a full head 'on scalp' application. That way there will be minmal contact of the colour and your scalp, therefore reducing your exposure to the chemicals. If you're just dying to be blonde, this is by far the best way and any good colour technician will be able to get plenty of foils in so that you can almost be as blonde as your heart desires!

So, there we go, the third and final blog in the 'Haircolour series'. I hope you have enjoyed and I hope that I have helped you to avoid unnecessary chemicals. After all, it's just not worth 'dying' for that perfect haircolour!