We love water, just not in our skin care!

Beautiful Water


So, you've just forked out your hard earned cash for your fave skin care products. But are you getting 100% product or a watered down version?

We all know that to stay healthy and hydrated we should be drinking plenty of clean, pure, filtered water. After all up to 70% of our body is water. Our body carefully combines the water with nutrients from the food we eat and the result is moisture, Nutrients, vitamins and minerals that hydrate and feed our body tissues.

Did you know that the bulk of commercial skin care products list Water or Aqua (same thing, just sounds flasher) as number 1 on their ingredients list. That means that there is more water than any other single ingredient in that product and often comprises of anything up to 90% of the total contents. Is that really what you thought you were getting when you bought that product? Probably not huh as you can get water out of your own tap at home for free right? 

Yes our skin needs moisture but together with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and lipids to stay healthy. So here at blossom we actively choose NOT to include water in our formulations. After all, if water was such a great moisturiser we could just shower, get wet and be done but we know that that is not the way to get that healthy, supple glowing skin.

What I hear you say?   That's right, NO WATER. Instead we formulate with Certified Organic Hydrosols. These Hydrosols are created with steam distillation and are water that has had Certified Organic botanical flowers, leaves and stems infused into it and is then steam distilled. This process  imparts not just a fabulous aroma into the hydrosol but also the soluble components and nutrients of the particular plant used. These components have the known properties of the plant. For example, Rose is known for it's soothing and line softening properties so by using a Rose Hydrosol we are not only getting the moisture that our skin needs but with all those extra benefits!

So yes, water is great, we need it to survive but is that really what you want when you spend all those dollars on your skin care or would you rather have so much more? 

blossom is WATER FREE, 100% product, that's our guarantee!