Autumn Skin Rescue Secrets

After the long scorching summer that we have swelted our way through here in Australia, those long, hot days at the beach or by the pool and those balmy nights by the BBQ have gone. The good news is that the mozzies have gone too! 

Often our skin is damaged over summer from environmental stresses like sun, sand, chlorine in pool water etc. and now our skin has to cope with the dryer cooler change that Autumn brings. 

Hello Autumn!

Now is the perfect time to deal with any summer stresses and damage that has resulted in dry, dull, dehydrated skin and cellular build up.  It's super important to nurture your skin, your body's largest and most exposed organ, in preparation for the even cooler winter yet to come.


Shed the dull, dryness, it's time to "blossom"!

So whats the secret to beautiful, healthy, glowing Autumn skin?




1. CLEANSE The first step to restoration of healthy skin is to use a creamy Cleanser that will cleanse soften and leave the skin soft and supple. Try our creamy & gentle "Cleanser & Makeup Remover".

2. EXFOLIATE The second step is to gently exfoliate and lift any excess dry dull skin cells. Use our gentle "Facial Exfoliant" multiple times a week in a circular motion to reveal the healthy glowing skin below


3. MOISTURISE It goes without saying that your skin needs moisture all year round but it is even more important now. Look for a product that is rich in emollients as well as hydration, gives a broad spectrum of vitamins and has good TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) protection. Use our intense & age minimsing "Rose Face Creme" if you are 30yrs+, have dry or sensitine skin. For those under 30yrs with normal, combination or oily skin types and men, use our moisture rich "Face & Body Lotion". Your body needs some loving too. Our rich & silky  is just what the doctor ordered! This product will moisturise, feed and protect summer weary skin while imparting an uplifting sweet, exotic citrus aroma. Yummy!


4. MINERAL RICH MASK Use of a  revitalising Face Mask every week or two will help to further refine, detoxify and stimulate healthy skin by supplying minerals and botanicals. Our refining, revitalising and clarifying "Clay Face Mask" has the added benefit of Aloe and Glycerine to super hydrate the skin.

5. ANTIOXIDANT, OMEGA & VITAMIN TREATMENT It is essential to use a product that contains a potent blend of antioxidants, omegas and vitamins. Yes Rosehip is a good source of antioxidants and omegas but alone does not supply all the vitamins that the skin needs. For a potent anti ageing, rejuvenating treatment with a full vitamin, omega and antioxidant profile use our nurturing & antioxidant rich "Facial Oil". You will be left with fabulously soft, nourished, revitalised, protected skin that radiates health.

Don't forget to feed and moisturise your skin from the inside too.

Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet of moisture rich foods will help to keep your skin gorgeously hydrated. Here is a list of hydrating foods:

* Water, (purified) Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Reduce your intake of coffee, alcohol and teas that contain caffeine  as they are diuretics and will dehyDrate your skin. Green juices are also an excellent way of upping your vitamin and fluid intake while alkalsing the system too.  Be sure to slow, cold press your juices so they are as vital as possible.

* Aloe Vera. Great as a topical treatment but just as good internally too.

* Cucumber. Topically and internally hydrating so go on, get chopping. I love plain yoghurt, cucumber a pinch of salt and a dash of fresh lemon juice!

* Watermelon. Like you really need an excuse to indulge. 

* Foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids help to limit loss of water from the cells. These foods include Chia seeds, Salmon, Almonds, Avocado, Walnuts and Anchovies.

* Cellery. Other than providing moisture, cellery is also high in silica which is great for healthy skin and hair.

Do you have any "tricks" to keeping your skin hydrated, we would love to hear!!