MY HEART'S OPEN Shamballa Bracelet

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Amethyst Shamballa bracelet 1.jpg
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MY HEART'S OPEN Shamballa Bracelet



This gorgeous Shamballa bracelet is fully adjustable and hand made from  genuine, natural (not dyed) A Grade 6mm Amethyst Quartz gemstone beads that are faceted, round and show a lovely deep violet purple colour. Sprinkled in between are delicate 4mm Sterling Silver smooth round beads. From the center of the bracelet sits a 925 Silver heart charm. 

The bracelet is lovingly threaded onto premium quality, pale pink-beige/nude flesh coloured, 100% Silk and hand knotted between each bead and is adjustable.

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❂ AMETHYST  ❂    Spirituality, Tranquility, Divine Connection, Insight and Protection
Amethyst is a teacher of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic and is very healing of body, mind and soul.
Amethyst quartz opens and activates the Crown or 7th Chakra. This Chakra is associated with opening up to infinite energies and developing a link to your own higher self and mind. 
Amethyst is said to aid meditation, visualization, spiritual journey and discovery, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment and perfection. Many believe that it protects from paranormal harm or ill-wishing and attracts good luck. 
Mos Scale Of Hardness = 7
Primary Chakra = Crown
Numerical Vibration = 3
Birthstone = February

❂ SILVER ❂ Is said to be a mineral that relates to the moon and mirrors the soul, strengthens the connection between astral and physical bodies, and enhances intuitive and psychic energies.

Whether you wear this bracelet for yoga, prayer, meditation or just simply as a beautiful piece of jewellery, let it be a gentle reminder to keep your heart full of love and spirit ❤

ॐ Namaste,
                 Monique ✿

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