Clear Quartz Crystal Point Water Bottle

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Clear Quartz Crystal Point Water Bottle


Amp up your hydration routine with water that has been infused with the energy and vibrational frequency of natural crystal gemstones. Purified water infused with crystal energy is called a Crystal Elixir and is said to help with healing and general wellbeing. The water carries the energy and healing properties of the crystal gemstone that it has been infused with.

Our bottles are made from Borosilicate glass with sustainable bamboo cap and natural, hand cut, gemstone crystal obelisk point.

Bottle Capacity = around 550ml





❂ CLEAR QUARTZ ❂    Considered the master healer, Energy amplifier and Soul Cleanser & Ray of Light
Clear Quartz helps to provide power and clarity of thought and is believed to amplify the energy of surrounding crystals. It brings peace and tranquility as well as belief and hope to the wearer. A little ray of light in the darkness.
Mos Scale Of Hardness = 7
Primary Chakra = Root
Numerical Vibration = 1
Affirmation = Love will heal me and guide me.

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Our Crystal Elixir Bottles are made from Borosilicate Glass which is less sensitive to thermal stress and the capacity is around 550ml.

The Gemstones are naturally occurring and hand cut and as with all things in nature, no two are identical, each one is unique and variations in colour should be expected. Our Gemstones are safe for direct contact with water, are non toxic and are secured in place with stainless wire.

The Bamboo cap, base and crystal should be carefully hand washed in cool water. The glass bottle, once cap, base and crystal are removed, can be placed in a dishwasher.

The bottle can be refrigerated but DO NOT FREEZE as this could cause the glass to break.

To cleanse the crystal energy - place the gemstone out after sunset and leave overnight in the light of the full moon. The next morning charge the crystal with your positive intentions.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian.